7 Steps to Success Preparing for KS2 Reading SATs

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High stakes testing at 11 seems to be with us to stay.

Unless we take care, these tests have the potential to reduce the language and literacy curriculum to a narrow set of exercises. In Y6 we need to avoid high pressure, last minute “drilling and twilling to the unwilling,” and ensure pupils have productive and satisfying literacy experiences. These pressures can be alleviated if children are prepared with the underlying skills and strategies in reading not just in Y6 but throughout the Key Stage. A planned programme of test preparation clearly needs to be included in Y5/6 and yet just completing test like tasks will focus only on the mechanics of responding. In contrast, the approaches and materials in this course aim to address the underlying skills and strategies in reading comprehension. We also aim to improve confidence and enjoyment in approaching testing and therefore reduce stress for both adults and children.

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