The training session was fantastic, it was really tailored to meet the needs of our school. It allowed our staff to reflect upon and question current practice and develop their own understanding of how children learn to read. It challenged perceptions and extended teacher knowledge. Everyone found it insightful and we are looking forward to further developing our teaching of reading.

- Lyndsey Wood
  Acting Head, The Oaks, Sittingbourne

Once again thanks for the great training, all the TAs were inspired and said they have learned a great deal from it.

- Sharon Bailey, Reading Recovery Teacher, Newington

A very informative and inspirational session. I feel really enthusiastic about putting these practices into place and to see the difference it makes to the children.

I love this approach. It feels genuine and authentic and focuses more on the learning and less on targets.

Looking forward to Guided Reading! Now have an idea of what my lessons will look like. And you have reduced my workload!

Great to know how to unpick the skills required to teach REAL comprehension skills

Very informative – I have already started reading through the eyes of a poor comprehender and think ‘how did I know/get to that?’

Enjoyment for reading comprehension. Excited to teach it!

- Teachers from Mintern Junior School, Sittingbourne

A great pace, informative and very well delivered. Fun to try out the activity and learn from others.

Very useful. So good to have something valuable and practical to take away and start on when I read the story tomorrow! Explains all the things I knew…but had never been shown how to teach.

This was incredibly useful – just what I feel we need to help these children. Some of the strategies are obvious, others less so, but it is lovely to have it all brought together as an intervention and strategies for teaching. Hopefully this is the end of a diet of reading comprehension exercises, without teaching, for children.

A new fresh approach to guided reading which is meaningful, worthwhile and exciting. Thank you for providing us with more tools to promote and enhance reading comprehension

- Teachers from: Stelling Minnis, Saltwood, Bodsham & Elham, Kent

I would like to say THANK YOU  for such a well delivered course, I loved every second it was fun, easy to follow, interactive and very informative.

I cannot wait to put what you have taught me into practice. I love how passionate you are which comes across in the way you teach and deliver the course.

- Emma Brice  Teaching Assistant at Cartwright and Kelsey Primary school.

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